Sympathy Cards for the Unemployed?

“Just think… now you won’t have any trouble losing those 10 extra pounds!” Would you send a card like that to someone you know who was diagnosed with cancer? Of course not! It would be tacky, insensitive, offensive… (insert your own adjective here). So I didn’t know what to make of a line of greeting […]

How Well Do You Know Your (Facebook) Friends?

How careful are you about who you friend on Facebook? This story from a post on ResumeBear illustrates the concerns of random friending: It seems a teen was applying for a job as security guard for the local Port Authority. He was a high school graduate, decent kid, kept himself out of trouble. Apparently a […]

Seven “Don’ts” for Friends and Family

Yesterday, I talked about some things that family and friends should do when someone they know becomes unemployed. Here, I offer seven suggestions of what NOT to do. DON’T: Avoid them. To say that someone losing a job makes for an uncomfortable situation is an understatement. Whether or not you worked in the same company […]

Nine Do’s for Friends and Family

When a close friend or loved one becomes unemployed, it’s hard to know what to say or do. Even after my husband and I started telling friends and family about our circumstances when we were going through it, things felt strained with other people. If you know someone who is “in transition,” here are some […]

Fun Networking

When talking about in-person networking, the image that a lot of people get is that you will have to go out to some event and meet a bunch of people you don’t know for some high-powered schmoozing. But sometimes, you’re just not in the right frame of mind for that scene. Emotionally, it can be […]

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