The Art of Following Up Your Résumé

A client recently sent his résumé to a contact he developed. Upon not hearing anything back after a week, he asked me: “Should I contact [name] again?” The answer to this question really depends on how the follow-up is framed. Let’s look at the scenarios: Scenario 1: You send out an email to your contact […]

Do’s and Don’ts When Waiting for a Call

The worst part of a job hunt isn’t poring over your résumé to ensure there are no typos, nor is it sweating out a nerve-wracking job interview. It’s THE WAIT. You know, the lag times when nothing seems to be happening. You’ve either just sent out your résumé and now you are eagerly anticipating a […]

5 Ways to Stand Out from the ATS

So you decided to hire a career professional to put together a stellar résumé. It looks sharp and you are certain that, once it gets into the hands of decision makers, companies will be clamoring to talk with you! But then, company after company uses a dreaded online application form — the ATS (applicant tracking […]

Four Reasons to Follow Up After Not Getting a Promotion

Getting kicked to the curb hurts, doesn’t it? No matter who is doing the rejecting of you, no matter the rationale (even if the person doing the kicking is completely right), it just makes you feel like: a) burying your head and having a full-blown pity party, or b) completely trashing the person with a […]

Top 10 Job Hunting Tips and Tricks I’ve Learned, Part Two

Julie Kramer, the featured job seeker on The Job Quest, writes about her experiences on the job hunt and what is working for her. Part one of the top ten list she has compiled appeared yesterday, and here is the final installment for today. 5. Arrange some informational interviews. These are great ways to network […]

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