Tell Your Story

“I’m not going to write a cover letter. Who needs that?” That sentiment is one that I’ve overheard some job seekers express during this recession. Inwardly, I thought, ‘How can you not include a cover letter?’ From the beginnings of my professional life, I have always sent a cover letter to differentiate myself from the […]

Being Present in Your Interview

In a previous post that talked about offering too much information in an interview, one of the examples of TMI was, “…when queried about a prior employer, your answer ends up being, ‘XYZ Corporation was a great place to work. If I hadn’t been laid off, I’d still be there!’” One reader asked, “Why would […]


Have you ever had one of those moments in a job interview when you realize that you offered much more information than was necessary? Maybe in response to the “Is relocation an issue?” question, you blurt out, “Oh, no! I’ll buy out the lease on my apartment. That’s not a problem!” Or, when queried about […]

Behavior to Avoid in the Job Search and Beyond, Part 2

I believe that people are generally pretty smart and have common sense. I really do. Navigating the job search can be tricky at times, but when I hear about the really goofy things that job seekers do, I still have to wonder what went wrong. Reading or seeing odd behavior that relates to job searching […]

Watch Your Language!

I read a post on Career Hub that cracked me up!  It was a commentary about a poll that was put out about the annoying things that people say. I think it goes without saying that being annoying verbally or in print is one of the quickest way to end your candidacy for a position.  While I […]

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