What Kind of Impression Do You Leave in an Interview?

I was out with my family shopping for various items when my six-year-old son picked up a small toy fire truck and looked at it with quite a bit of interest. With the gathering of items for birthdays and Christmas being a year-round event, I take the opportunities whenever I get them. As he went […]

Does Perception Trump All?

“Perception is truth.” Have you ever heard that saying? In reality, perception is one’s interpretation of truth, but how many times does that not matter? And how can that be detrimental to your job hunt, to your career, to you? Perception is truth… online In social media, perception is all that matters. Folks will make […]

What Impression Do You Make?

Over the weekend, I read a very moving eulogy on BusinessWorks…, a blog written by Hal Alpiar. The tribute is to a gentleman named Butch Taras. While no picture was provided, I felt as though I could “see” Butch. Here’s a snippet of the description provided: “…Butch was a leader through and through because he […]

Fragrances and First Impressions

A sure-fire way to make a bad first impression in face-to-face networking or in-person interviewing is to offend the olfactory senses of the person you are meeting for the first time. Having too strong of a scent from the cologne/perfume that you may wear will work against you. Even if you love the fragrance and […]

The Lesser of Two Evils

Interviews can be very nerve-wracking for candidates.  You want to make sure that your hair looks nice, that you don’t have a splotch of salad dressing on your pants, and that your breath doesn’t stink.  You want to make a good impression. Keep in mind, however, that the pressure shouldn’t be only on you.  When […]

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