How Well Do You Know Your (Facebook) Friends?

How careful are you about who you friend on Facebook? This story from a post on ResumeBear illustrates the concerns of random friending: It seems a teen was applying for a job as security guard for the local Port Authority. He was a high school graduate, decent kid, kept himself out of trouble. Apparently a […]

Who Will Be Affected by the FTC Changes? Everyone.

This week, I read on All Facebook that Social Intelligence Corp, which provides background checking to companies screening job candidates, now has the green light from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to store files on Facebook users’ posts. All Facebook’s post included an explanation from Social Intelligence, which said, in part: “As per our policies […]

Top 10 Job Hunting Tips and Tricks I’ve Learned, Part Two

Julie Kramer, the featured job seeker on The Job Quest, writes about her experiences on the job hunt and what is working for her. Part one of the top ten list she has compiled appeared yesterday, and here is the final installment for today. 5. Arrange some informational interviews. These are great ways to network […]

Job Seeking via Social Media

Another great post brought to you by Julie Kramer.  Thanks, Julie! Without the popular social media platforms of LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, I would be a lot less successful in my job hunt. LinkedIn As one of my job seeking strategies, I network via LinkedIn. Using LinkedIn has been a proven way for me to […]

Revisiting an Unanswered Question

A few months ago, I brought up a question regarding the continued recommendation to not include a picture with a résumé. The question still bugs me, so I’m going to bring it up again. I understand why the long-standing viewpoint has been to leave off the picture from a résumé. Prejudices based on appearance could […]

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