It’s More than Just the End Result

“It feels kind of anticlimactic.” That sentiment was uttered by someone I knew shortly after she was married to her beloved. It seems that, after all the excitement of the planning, the bridal showers, being “princess for a day” at her wedding, and the honeymoon, everyday life felt just a little bland to her. I […]

Abandon These 10 Bad Habits

In reading 50 Things You Need to Give Up Today, I found many of them can impact the health of your job search and career. I’ll highlight ten of them that I think are particularly important for you to abandon: “Give up trying to be perfect.” We all know that nobody’s perfect, and yet we […]

Finding a Good Fit When Working with Job Search/Career Professionals

In yesterday’s blog review, I included a quote from Julie Walraven’s blog which read: “The best thing a job seeker can do is make a smart buying decision based on whose personality, knowledge base, and strategies fit their needs best. All of us care about our clients, you can choose which one of us is […]

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