When Your Dreams Hold You Back, Part 2

Last week, I started talking about reasons why dreams can hold us back from really achieving, well, our dreams. As oxymoronic (yes, that’s a word) as that sounds, things can get tripped up for us when we try to usher the images in our mind into the real world. Continued here are my musings on […]

Pull the Plug on Your Pity Party

OK, so you’ve been looking for a new job for some time now, but coming up empty-handed. What do you do? The first instinct is to feel sorry for yourself. “Oh, poor me! Nothing ever works out the way I want!” Those negative messages spring to mind so quickly, don’t they? Being upset at the […]

5 Misguided Reasons People Stay in Bad (Job) Relationships

“But I don’t want to just leave them!” A client I was meeting with recently uttered this statement regarding her current employer. However, during this same conversation (as well as others), she has mentioned how much of a mismatch things really are with her present position. I responded, “If you were dating someone who made […]

Having a Little “Whine” with Your Job Search?

Being on a job hunt is tough stuff, regardless of whether it’s an active or passive job search. Some self-pity regarding the situation can creep in. I am all about supporting job seekers, but during these times, some tough love may be called for to get the job seeker out of a bad rut and […]

“Does My ‘But’ Look Too Big?”

When someone tells you something that you know is true, how often do you find yourself saying, “I know, BUT…” What on earth are you doing sticking your “but” in there? Like your “but” is going to explain why this particular truth doesn’t apply to you? Here are a few times that I have heard […]

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