What Employers Want

This short article mentioned an interesting survey conducted on employers in Orange County, CA. Here’s a link directly to the survey: The 2010 Orange County Resume Survey Anything that can help you gain some “inside information” when job hunting is always a good thing. I encourage you to click on the above link to read […]

Honest Question about Discrimination

A recent post on Ask a Manager dealt with blatant discrimination that a woman faced in an interview specifically because she is pregnant. The response she received was along the lines of “Yes, it’s illegal and you do have the right to file a complaint and sue, but that might not be a good move.” […]

Having a Company-Centered Cover Letter

In an article entitled Six Tips for Following Up on Your Resume, I found a great idea for the start of a cover letter. The author, Liz Ryan, wrote: “As you write your customized cover letter for the presumed hiring manager, be sure to focus more on the organization and its needs than on your […]

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