Getting to the Root Cause of Your Job Search Problems

Hearing my son say, “Mommy, I have bloody hands” wasn’t exactly a stress-free way to be woken up at 5:40 am. Seeing the lower half of his face and the cuffs of his pajamas coated in blood didn’t help to calm the thoughts racing in my head. Not to mention the drops of blood on […]

The Benefits of Being in the Now

Last week, I attended the annual summit held by Career Directors International, a professional organization of which I am a member. My kids were not so sure about me being gone for several days, my five-year-old son in particular. The day before I left was hard for him. He had issues at school and it […]

Yes, It’s OK to Cry!

I read a post on job hunting and came across something in the comments that caught my attention. The post itself suggested that “It’s OK to cry” when frustrated during a job search, and here’s what a commenter said in response: It’s okay to do a lot of emotional things, but I would not put […]

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