A Key Factor for Success

I read this quote recently: “Successful people are so busy getting things done that they don’t have time to make excuses.” And it saddened me. It saddened me because of the lack of empathy and the broad generalizations that it paints with its few words. The message it conveys is that, no matter your current […]

HR Manager: “I Would Much Rather Hire Someone Who is Currently Unemployed”

In looking at CNN.com earlier today, I saw on the main page of the site this article that talked yet again about the discrimination that the jobless face in the job hunt. Referred to unemployment as a “scarlet letter,” even. Grrrr! I’ve already made it pretty clear how I feel about this. But then I […]

Employment Status Has Nothing to Do with Ability

This is the second time that I have read an article related to employers not considering job applicants simply because they are unemployed. Since when did a person’s employment status become a litmus test for determining a person’s ability to do a job? Why would this one factor negate the skills, experience, and education that […]

What If Your Name Doesn't "Match" Your Ethnicity?

I read a really interesting post on Susan Ireland’s Job Lounge entitled “Should Muhammad Use a Different Name on His Resume?” It made me sad to think that a person would have to change something that could be a significant part of his identity for the sake of getting a job. No one should have […]

Honest Question about Discrimination

A recent post on Ask a Manager dealt with blatant discrimination that a woman faced in an interview specifically because she is pregnant. The response she received was along the lines of “Yes, it’s illegal and you do have the right to file a complaint and sue, but that might not be a good move.” […]

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