A Key Factor for Success

I read this quote recently: “Successful people are so busy getting things done that they don’t have time to make excuses.” And it saddened me. It saddened me because of the lack of empathy and the broad generalizations that it paints with its few words. The message it conveys is that, no matter your current […]

Communicating with a Person with a Disability

Communication is a tough thing to get right. There’s all these nuances related to body language, not to mention the many cultural differences that exist (some cultures prefer eye contact, others do not, various fingers can be either positive signs or offensive gestures, etc.) But what about communicating with a person who has a disability? […]

Employing People with Disabilities Makes Sense

“In the United States, one of the greatest challenges experienced by individuals with disabilities is employment. Research indicates that employer attitudes contribute to this pervasive problem. Specifically, some employers have misperceptions about the abilities of individuals with disabilities and the costs associated with the provision of accommodations.” This starts off the executive summary for Exploring […]

"Meet Sue"

Earlier this week, I had written about a public service announcement put out by The Campaign for Disability Employment. The organization also held a contest this summer for people to create their own PSAs. In my opinion, the winner of this contest hit on a very poignant and thought-provoking idea. See for yourself: Congratulations to […]

"I Can"

I recently found a website called The Campaign for Disability Employment. It describes itself as “a collaborative effort to promote positive employment outcomes for people with disabilities by encouraging employers and others to recognize the value and talent they bring to the workplace.” Among the information that is provided on the site is this inspirational […]

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