A Story of Inspiration and Hope

In many ways, Bill Westerman is like many other people who go through a mid-life career change – he started back to school in his 30s, has dedicated himself to his studies in his new field, and is set to graduate in December of this year. But he’s taken a rather roundabout path to the […]

Inspiration for Your Day

I ran across this wonderful video about a man named Nick Vujicic. I’ll let you watch it for yourself: No doubt about it — job searching is tough stuff. But, like Nick shows in the video, you can find the strength to keep picking yourself up and continuing on through the difficult times. Even if […]

Redefining Success

I read a very insightful post over at Tales from an Unemployed Interior Designer entitled “Goonies Never Say Die” that dealt with the features of Millennials. One of the attributes that Julie, the writer of the blog, brought up is the belief that if she worked hard and had a drive for her chosen field, […]

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