What If I Interview and Decide I Don’t Want the Job?

A reader writes in: “I interviewed for a job and they are checking references. I have decided that I am not really into the job after considering everything. How do I politely decline if I am asked? I didn’t say I would take the job if offered when asked in the interview. I said I […]

Five Factors for Making a Career Decision

Whenever I see something that talks about hot careers for the future, various choices in healthcare populate the list. It does make sense for a healthcare career to be a smart choice for all the reasons that are talked about — people always need healthcare, baby boomers are getting to retirement age and will require […]

It’s Not About the Money

I saw this stream of consciousness that says, in part: “We like to kid ourselves that a grey, listless life of mediocrity is fine and dandy, so long as we’re being paid well enough.” That statement stuck with me so much that I actually had a dream about it. In the dream, I could picture […]

Beyond the Immediate Paycheck | The Long Tail

The opportunity arises to be involved in a specific activity. The choice you have to make, then, is: should you or should you not engage in it? Unless it’s a dire situation where someone needs your help and you have to act now, people will generally think: “What’s in it for me?” It’s not a […]

The Lesser of Two Evils

Interviews can be very nerve-wracking for candidates.  You want to make sure that your hair looks nice, that you don’t have a splotch of salad dressing on your pants, and that your breath doesn’t stink.  You want to make a good impression. Keep in mind, however, that the pressure shouldn’t be only on you.  When […]

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