The Only Hard and Fast Rule in Resume Writing

There is only one concrete rule when it comes to writing résumés. Just one. Are you ready for this? OK, here’s the rule: If your résumé is generating interviews, you’re doing the right thing. That’s it — the big secret. “But wait a minute,” you may be protesting, “that doesn’t tell me how to write […]

Is Your Campaign to Get a Job More Like a Slimy Sales Pitch?

“Sell yourself!” is advice that is often given to job seekers who want to know how to land the next job. To some extent that is true — there is a certain amount of hustle and self-promotion that is necessary in a successful job hunt. But I want you to consider the words of sales […]

What Does the Greeting in Your Cover Letter Say?

A client I’ve been working with recently asked me to review the cover letter he had written for a specific position. I have to say, it really was an impressive letter, but how he started it out could undo the good of what was contained in the cover letter. How could a simple greeting do […]


Do you customize your résumé for the various positions you have been applying for? I realize it that it takes extra time for you to change your résumé every time you apply to a posting, but consider this: if you send the exact same résumé each time, you could be providing too much information. Given […]

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