A Manager’s Support Network

On a three-part interview with social media expert Phil Gerbyshak from several years back, there was an interesting question posted at the end of it: “Are you properly nurturing your supporting relationships? What have you done lately to nurture your support network?” In that case, they were referring to personal support networks. But my thoughts […]

Networking: the Root of Your Career’s Life

Once it finally warmed up in Wisconsin, my children were able to engage in one of their favorite springtime activities — picking flowers for Mommy. (As the recipient of their gifts, I have to admit that it is one of my favorite, too!) 🙂 One morning last month, after they had picked a vaseful of […]

The Top Tip for Engaging People

A recent search that brought a reader to The Job Quest was “how to engage people.” It’s a pretty important skill to have for each part of the job hunt, and it really boils down to one thing: FIND OUT WHAT MATTERS TO THEM! You can be the most eloquent speaker or writer on the […]

The Top Way to Find Out What Will Add Value to Someone Else

The most common searches that lead folks to my blog oftentimes have something to do with “adding value.” They want to add value to their company, or add value to their network, or show on their rĂ©sumĂ© how they will add value to a prospective employer. If all goes well, adding value to someone else […]

A Collection of Insight

In the course of the reading I do to keep current on trends, as well as find great information to retweet and post on Facebook, there are some amazing pieces that really make me say, “Wow!” They are so well-written and have so many applicable life lessons that I sit back and ponder how I […]

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