Why “2 Years of Experience” Applies to Entry-Level Jobs

…and How It Helps Your Career At times, I have heard this lament from college students who are applying for jobs: “Two years’ experience required? But it’s an entry level position! How can they expect that?” Companies can and do expect experienced candidates right out of college because of internships. What was once considered an […]

Is a Black Suit the Kiss of Death on an Interview?

In an interview prep session I had recently with a client, she asked me if it would be a problem if she wore a black suit to her upcoming interviews. I said, “That should be fine. Why do you ask?” She then told me about all the advice she had read online that strongly urged […]

Three Steps to Building Confidence on the Job Hunt

Confidence can be hard to come by, especially if you have experienced a layoff recently or if your last job was one of those unfortunate situations in which it was impossible to be successful. The voice of self-doubt creeps in, and you find yourself wondering if you even have what it takes to be a […]

Keep Smiling!

I came across an interesting article on the benefits of smiling. It listed 15 reasons why smiling is good for you. Here’s a few of them that apply to job hunting: “Smiling makes us attractive.” Put yourself in the shoes of an interviewer for a moment. What would you think about a candidate who did […]

Confidence vs. Arrogance in the Job Interview

Congratulations! You’ve been invited to interview with one of the companies you’ve been targeting in your job search. Now you need to start preparing for this specific opportunity. But how should you tailor your answers? You want to show that you are a good fit for the position, but at the same time you don’t […]

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