Can You Copycat Your Way to Success?

“Why can’t I stay up as long as Jenny does?” “Sam’s mommy lets him play with that toy. Can’t I, too? Puh-leeeeze???” These questions, and others similar to it, are whined to asked of parents on a regular basis by their children. That whole sense of “I want what that person has” is pervasive in […]

How Comparisons Can Hurt (& Help) Your Career

How do you feel when there is something you really want (a promotion, employment at a particular company) and you see someone else get it? 1. Envy. “I want that dream! Why can’t I have it?” 2. Defeated. “Why bother? They’re probably just luckier than me.” 3. Bitter. “You know, they just get all the […]

Abandon These 10 Bad Habits

In reading 50 Things You Need to Give Up Today, I found many of them can impact the health of your job search and career. I’ll highlight ten of them that I think are particularly important for you to abandon: “Give up trying to be perfect.” We all know that nobody’s perfect, and yet we […]

Do Thank-You Notes Matter? You Decide!

On this blog, I’ve made my position on thank-you notes after an interview very clear. However, I still read about people who don’t think it’s necessary or who don’t put the proper attention on this part of the job search process. Consider, then, three job seekers with backgrounds in management. They all interviewed for a […]

Finding a Good Fit When Working with Job Search/Career Professionals

In yesterday’s blog review, I included a quote from Julie Walraven’s blog which read: “The best thing a job seeker can do is make a smart buying decision based on whose personality, knowledge base, and strategies fit their needs best. All of us care about our clients, you can choose which one of us is […]

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