“I’m Lucky to Have a Job.” Really?

Jake LaCaze made an interesting comment on yesterday’s post. In part, he said: If you truly do dislike your job, be honest. Do not let yourself get content. Do not say things like: “I’m lucky just to have a job, especially in this economy.” That’s how you get stuck in a job you hate. He […]

Embracing the Uneasiness of Change

Today was a big change for a member of the Cooley household: it was my daughter’s first day of school. She has been eagerly anticipating this day ever since we went to the initial registration way back in February. And then it proceeded to be a long spring and summer as my dear girl would […]

Are You Letting Your Comfort Zone Limit You?

Being risk-averse. Avoiding mistakes. Having a fear of failure. All of the above seem to feed that same place that causes people to retreat to their comfort zones. By staying in that safe, warm spot, there’s nothing happening with the career path. That is a problem whether you are looking to change careers, get a […]

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