Are You Willing to Take a Chance on Change?

Chris Brogan had a very insightful post earlier this week that speaks well to folks who spend a lot of time wondering why things in life aren’t going they way they would like them to go. He says: “We’re all looking for ways to sink the meanings in deeper. We’re all looking for tools to […]

Slow and Steady

Yesterday’s post featured a video from Chris Brogan that dispelled the myth that he is “lucky” to be in his position. He demonstrated very clearly that he works hard every day to earn the place he has in the business world. Resting on laurels is not an option. It’s not like his rise to his […]

No Such Thing

A while back on Twitter, I read this tweet from Mark Oakes: “There’s no such thing as a ‘natural’. It takes hard work to get good and even more to get great.” I agree with that. While I do believe a person has natural aptitude in this area or that, you are only going to […]

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