A Key Factor for Success

I read this quote recently: “Successful people are so busy getting things done that they don’t have time to make excuses.” And it saddened me. It saddened me because of the lack of empathy and the broad generalizations that it paints with its few words. The message it conveys is that, no matter your current […]

What If Your Plans Don’t Work? Don’t Stop!

In my last post, I channeled the words of my father — “Don’t quit your job until you have another one.” In general, I think that’s sound advice. Having a plan in place gives you peace of mind to keep that forward momentum going in your career. Whether you are going to another job, ramping […]

Find Your Support

Career and job change is tough. Even when it’s welcomed and planned for, there’s still a lot of stress that is experienced. It’s significantly worse when the change is unexpected or out of your control. That’s why it’s important to have supportive relationships in place. The relationships could be with a significant other, family, good […]

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