When You Don’t Want to Lead at Work

In many professions, the expected career trajectory is that, after a certain amount of time in a position, you are ready to become the leader of your department. You should want to become the leader… Uh, you do want to be a leader at some point, right? No? Really, you don’t? Well, guess what? THAT’S […]

Why Don’t You?

When my husband and I started dating so many moons ago, he was a welder. One night when we were talking about our respective careers, he said to me, “I like welding. I don’t think I could be a supervisor like my boss. That would be too boring!” And, given the place he was at […]


Remember Aron Ralston? Back in 2003, Ralston went went hiking and climbing in a Utah canyon. During his climb, a boulder moved and ended up trapping his hand between it and the canyon wall. After being stuck for five days, he realized that the only way he was going to live was if he amputated […]

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