Think Your Job is Killing You? It Actually Could Be.

Fellow career pro Holly Reslink recently shared an article from Huffington Post that talked about how people are less likely to die from second-hand smoke than from some stressors that arise from work. That is a sad commentary on what our careers have become: work can now be considered a bigger threat to our livelihood […]

Don’t Outsource Your Career

Why is it, with something as important as a career, people are so willing to let others manage it? A post by Suzanne Lucas on BNET talked about services that will take your résumé and send it out to pretty much anything that is a remote match — basically taking a spray and pray approach […]

Are You Addicted to Job Hunting?

Alcoholics. Workaholics. Shopaholics Chocoholics. We’ve all heard these words to describe individuals who are addicted to a substance or activity. They generally carry with them a connotation that denotes that the people in question cannot control their behaviors when it comes to said substance/activity to the point that it negatively impacts their lives. They obsess […]

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Being stuck in the midst of a layoff is a rough spot to be in. There’s the whole laundry list of advice that you’re supposed to follow (Note: not in order of importance): Get your résumé in shape Connect with your network Attend events to grow your network Clean up you online presence Develop you […]

Best-Laid Plans…

You know how it goes when you have an idea in your mind of how the day should go. Oh, how much you’re going to accomplish on your job search! You’ll make important contacts, you’ll craft inspiring cover letters, you’ll devise answers to the hardest questions that will leave your interviewers in awe! And then… […]

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