What If I Interview and Decide I Don’t Want the Job?

A reader writes in: “I interviewed for a job and they are checking references. I have decided that I am not really into the job after considering everything. How do I politely decline if I am asked? I didn’t say I would take the job if offered when asked in the interview. I said I […]

The One Time that Burning a Bridge Will Benefit Your Career

One of the standard pieces of advice for good career management that is regularly dispensed is: never burn a bridge. So I found it very interesting when it was asked on Quora: “Is there ever a scenario where burning a bridge with an employer can be beneficial to the employee?” My first thought was, “No, […]

Want to Stop Getting Advice? Utter this One Phrase (at Your Own Peril)

If you are a job seeker or someone who is looking to change careers, I don’t doubt that you are inundated with advice. Some of it may have been solicited, but there may also be a goodly portion of it that has been foisted upon you. How annoying, you may think. To stop the advice-giver […]

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