Behavior to Avoid in the Job Search and Beyond, Part 3

(It’s been a while since I wrote part 1 and part 2, but something that’s been in the back of my brain calls for a third installment…) OK, so say that you made a key networking contact that led you to finding out about a plum job with a company you’ve been dying to work […]

Behavior to Avoid in the Job Search and Beyond, Part 2

I believe that people are generally pretty smart and have common sense. I really do. Navigating the job search can be tricky at times, but when I hear about the really goofy things that job seekers do, I still have to wonder what went wrong. Reading or seeing odd behavior that relates to job searching […]

Behavior to Avoid on the Job Search and Beyond

Just when I think I’ve seen it all, there’s something else that makes my jaw hit the keyboard in amazement and wonder, “What was that person thinking???” A recent post on The Work Buzz talked about this story: a man sends his application materials in for a job posting, and HR issues out a basic […]

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