Six Reasons to Use Caution When Telling Stories in Your Application Materials

Are your cover letters and résumés peppered with phrases such as “outside-the-box thinker,” “results-oriented,” and “team player?” If you don’t have some facts and stories that demonstrate why that is true, your résumé is likely to hit the circular file. It’s not enough to say that you are the next best thing since sliced bread; […]

Using Vision and Action for Success

Vision without action is daydream. Action without vision is nightmare. – Japanese Proverb Do you get a great ideas and then plan and plan, and plan some more? After all, you want to get the details just right before you execute the ideas. Or are you more like the converse and jump headlong into something […]

Are You a Doormat?

Like many kids, mine are crazy about Sesame Street characters. A recent favorite book in our house is Grover Goes to School. The gist of the story is that Grover is starting to go to school and wants all of his classmates to like him, so he tries very hard to make them happy. Among […]

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