I-CAMERA? Seriously?

Ryan Rancatore recently asked me and some of my colleagues for alternate name suggestions for “personal branding.” After some thought, this is what I came up with: I-CAMERA (or it could be I-CAM for short) What that acronym stands for is “Inborn Character Assessment & Management Equals Reputation Advancement,” or if going for the shorter […]

The Point of Personal Branding

The debate rages on about the relevance of personal branding. Some say it’s vitally important; others say it’s a crock. At times, I think both sides can get caught up in the mechanics of personal brand execution when talking about it. But that completely misses the point. This post by Peter Bregman in the Harvard […]

You’re Trying to Land a Job, Not Become Rubberboy

When searching for a job, there’s a strong temptation to become a contortionist to be a good “fit” for the company. People do it all the time (yes, I have, too). The problem is, in all that twisting and turning, they lose sight of their own shape. If they’re lucky, the hiring manager will pick […]

How to Build Your Authentic Personal Brand

I’m delighted to have Mohammed Al-Taee as a guest blogger today on The Job Quest! Mohammed is well-versed in the topics of personal branding and social media, and this post definitely gives some great ideas on keeping your personal brand true to you. “The age of privacy is over.” This is one of the latest […]

Five Reasons Auto-DMs Can Kill Your Personal Brand

It’s been interesting to read what people think about auto-DMs since my post on the topic. It’s been pretty much negative, and the comments have been retweeted many times over. If you are a job seeker, this post does pertain to you because you may be enticed by the ease of auto-DMs to use them […]

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