Authenticity and Success

Regarding personal branding success, a lot has been said about authenticity — and for good reason. Getting wrapped up in a façade can be very tiring, and can lead to a complete collapse when it becomes impossible to sustain it. I had the honor of being interviewed by Media Shower about The Job Quest and […]

Signs You Have Hired a Great Career Professional

Maybe you’ve thought about hiring a career professional, but you keep hesitating because you wonder, “Is this really going to help? Am I going to get suckered?” It’s an unfortunate reality that some folks who seek out help end up getting a raw deal. Of course, this happens in pretty much all industries, and it’s […]

Five Reasons Scars Are Better than Perfection

One day my four-year-old son was sitting on my lap, intently studying my face. Finally, he asked, “What’s that?” “What’s what, honey?” “That,” he said, pointing to the faint white line snaking just above my left eyebrow. “Ah, yes. That is a scar I got when I was about your age,” I explained, telling him […]

Stress on the Job Hunt

Dan Rockwell wrote a post that talks about four causes of leadership stress. Those four stressors relate quite well to job seeking and career management, as well. 1.“Living out of synch with who you are.” There’s been considerable discussion on my blog about being authentic, particularly when it comes to personal branding. If you try […]

Good Branding is not about Slick Packaging

I had a conversation recently with an entrepreneur. Her business has had a very respectable amount of growth since she established it. She wants do all she can to continue her success, which brings her to thinking more about her brand. A well-meaning colleague gave her some advice on what she should post on her […]

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