Illogical Arguments Don’t Make a Bad Job Search Strategy Better

I’ve spoken before about my dislike of the spray and pray job search method. Do I think it should never, ever be done? Nah, I don’t like to say “never.” It can have a small role in a job seeker’s overall job hunt strategy; given the fact that, generally, no more than 20% of all […]

5 Misguided Reasons People Stay in Bad (Job) Relationships

“But I don’t want to just leave them!” A client I was meeting with recently uttered this statement regarding her current employer. However, during this same conversation (as well as others), she has mentioned how much of a mismatch things really are with her present position. I responded, “If you were dating someone who made […]

Stand Out, but Fit In, Too

My five-year-old daughter loves all the books she has in the Pinkalicious series. The most recent one she received is Purplicious. As the main character’s name denotes, Pinkalicious loves the color pink. But as the book Purplicious starts, many of Pinkalicious’ classmates start to reject her for her color choice. Undaunted, she writes in her […]

Untapped Resources

One of my favorite kitchen appliances is my Nesco Roaster Oven. It wasn’t always that way. When we were putting together our gift registry, my then-fiance was very excited to add the roaster oven to the list. But I thought he was nuts. My mom never had one, and I had no clue what I […]

Root Canals, Job Search, and the Art of Personal Branding

I am honored to feature this guest post by the talented Ryan Rancatore. He definitely has a great deal of wisdom, so read on, then go visit his blog and follow him on Twitter! You’ll be glad you did 🙂 I hate going to the dentist. Really – I despise those two days of the […]

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