Want to Stop Getting Advice? Utter this One Phrase (at Your Own Peril)

If you are a job seeker or someone who is looking to change careers, I don’t doubt that you are inundated with advice. Some of it may have been solicited, but there may also be a goodly portion of it that has been foisted upon you. How annoying, you may think. To stop the advice-giver […]

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Put a Photo on Your Resume

Today’s post was written by Julie O’Malley of Pongo Resume! Some formerly clear-cut resume rules are getting fuzzier as the web continues to emerge as the top resource for employers to find candidates and for job seekers to find work. Since we regularly share photos online and plaster our faces on LinkedIn and Facebook, you […]

An Interview with @interview_ed

Ed Finley (aka @interview_ed) is Twitter’s perpetual job seeker. His misadventures on the job hunt include important lessons mixed with wry humor. With some job seekers still in the midst of lengthy job searches, the humor that Ed provides is just what the doctor ordered. Ed was kind enough to take time from his job […]

So, You Want a Career in Public Relations?

Today, I have a guest post written by Lesly Cardec, Public Relations Manager for SFN Group, Inc. I had the good fortune of meeting Lesly on Twitter a few months ago and was thrilled when she took me up on my request to write for The Job Quest! If you have thought about a career […]

Are You Willing to Take a Chance on Change?

Chris Brogan had a very insightful post earlier this week that speaks well to folks who spend a lot of time wondering why things in life aren’t going they way they would like them to go. He says: “We’re all looking for ways to sink the meanings in deeper. We’re all looking for tools to […]

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