“Your edits are amazing! I thought I had done a good job switching from my normal passive voice to more active, but your work clears the bar by a mile!”
Geoff W.

“Working with you, Melissa, has been an investment toward my future… I would not hesitate to recommend you to others. You are very knowledgeable about what you do. You invested in my success and were my own personal cheerleader. I could not have asked for anything more. Thank you.”
Pamela S.

“Melissa is such a great person to work with! Not only is she incredibly professional and positive to interact with, but the value she brings to job seekers is priceless… Job seeker or not, get to know Melissa if you can. You will be grateful you did!”
Jen C.

“Melissa – this has been great! In fact, I have gotten quite a few interviews over the past two weeks. Thanks so much!”
Troy T.

“I appreciated Melissa’s attention to detail with my resume update. She asked many questions that brought out examples of success that I didn’t consider before. I recommend Melissa to anyone who needs help with a job search or career management.”
Justin W.

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“I greatly appreciated your insights and new suggestions I had not yet considered… I have more than doubled my connections the past few days!”
Bruce R.

“After almost two years of unemployment, I started working with Melissa. I got a part-time job a couple months later, and I will be going full-time and getting a raise after the holidays. Her ideas and suggestions helped me a lot.”
Derek P.

“Melissa has helped me create a brand for my business by providing valuable input in my design process. Her ideas are well thought out and she is able to visualize a ‘finished product’ long before it is brought into reality. She is very well-organized and specific in her recommendations. Melissa can back up every suggestion with rationale that works.”
Michelle M.

“Melissa, you’re a heck of a wordsmith! THANK YOU!”
Chris B.

“I had the privilege of receiving Melissa’s advice and assistance. She asked all the right questions and gave excellent feedback. Even though we hadn’t previously met, I felt like she cared about my success as if it were her own. I would not hesitate to work with her again or recommend her to others. She’s a great person to have on your side.”
Dave F.

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