Do You Really Know Why You Hate Your Job?

A little while ago, City Sylvester asked me, “What’s the best strategy for getting out of a job you hate?” That is a tough situation that can seem absolutely soul-sucking. It can be hard to not run screaming from the workplace every day. (OK, so I’m exaggerating that a little. Maybe.) I’ve been there a […]

Communicating with a Person with a Disability

Communication is a tough thing to get right. There’s all these nuances related to body language, not to mention the many cultural differences that exist (some cultures prefer eye contact, others do not, various fingers can be either positive signs or offensive gestures, etc.) But what about communicating with a person who has a disability? […]

Are You a Tool?

Just so everyone is clear — I’m not talking about the slang use of “tool”. I’m referring to one of the more traditional usages of tool as defined in “anything used as a means of accomplishing a task or purpose” In your job search and career, you want to be considered a tool — […]

Embracing the Uneasiness of Change

Today was a big change for a member of the Cooley household: it was my daughter’s first day of school. She has been eagerly anticipating this day ever since we went to the initial registration way back in February. And then it proceeded to be a long spring and summer as my dear girl would […]

Stop, Thief! You Stole My Idea!

Has that ever happened to you? You have a great idea, mention it in a meeting or casual conversation, and another person runs to the boss with it and takes all the credit! If you’re lucky, someone else will also know that the idea was yours and then speak up to ensure that you receive […]

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