Workplace Bullying

A news story that has hit recently is that of news anchor Jennifer Livingston, who received an email from a viewer that denounced her ability to be a community role model solely based on her size. This story was one of particular interest to me because Ms. Livingston is a reporter in my hometown of […]

Working from Home? Be Sure to Establish Boundaries

"Stop" and a turn left arrow on the road

Working from home is now a reality for more than 26 million people. It can be part-time or full-time, for an employer or as an entrepreneur. Generally, working from home is seen as one of the choice benefits that companies can bestow on employees, or as one of the perks of being self-employed. How do […]

The One Time that Burning a Bridge Will Benefit Your Career

Sign reading "Bridge Out"

One of the standard pieces of advice for good career management that is regularly dispensed is: never burn a bridge. So I found it very interesting when it was asked on Quora: “Is there ever a scenario where burning a bridge with an employer can be beneficial to the employee?” My first thought was, “No, […]

On Building Trust

Trust is a topic that’s come up for me a couple times this week. My friend Heather Coleman-Voss, a career coach in Michigan, wrote a very interesting post about managers developing trust in the workplace. In it, she talks about some of the ways that leaders can encourage their employees to trust them. Another great […]

Do You Really Know Why You Hate Your Job?

Man with a very large pile of paper on his desk

A little while ago, City Sylvester asked me, “What’s the best strategy for getting out of a job you hate?” That is a tough situation that can seem absolutely soul-sucking. It can be hard to not run screaming from the workplace every day. (OK, so I’m exaggerating that a little. Maybe.) I’ve been there a […]

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