The Power of Love

With the recent postings various friends on Facebook have made about their wedding anniversaries, it’s had me reflecting on my own anniversary that is coming toward the end of the year. There have been many ups and downs in the nearly 13 years that I’ve been married to my beloved husband, and one thing that […]

What Work/Life Balance?

Today marks the debut of Bottomless Briefcase: A Blog for Working Women. Everywhere. I am one of the contributors to this blog, and my first post gives my take on work/life balance. Before becoming a mom, I was so sure that I would be able to continue to have a good work/life balance. Oh, sure, […]

Being Realistic When Working with Recruiters

On the Facebook page of The Job Quest, I posted a link to an article that talked about the fact that a recruiter is not on your “team” when you are looking for a job. One person commented: “[The recruiters] would bring me in to discuss a particular job and talk me up and tell […]

A Story of Inspiration and Hope

In many ways, Bill Westerman is like many other people who go through a mid-life career change – he started back to school in his 30s, has dedicated himself to his studies in his new field, and is set to graduate in December of this year. But he’s taken a rather roundabout path to the […]

Don’t Keep Your Amazingness a Secret!

Yesterday was my daughter‘s spring concert at her school. I looked at the program, and on tap for the preschool and kindergarten segment was “Six Little Ducks” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” I immediately made assumptions about what that would entail — the typical children’s songs and actions to accompany them. “Six Little Ducks” was everything […]

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