What If I Interview and Decide I Don’t Want the Job?

What If I Interview and Decide I Don't Want the Job?

A reader writes in: “I interviewed for a job and they are checking references. I have decided that I am not really into the job after considering everything. How do I politely decline if I am asked? I didn’t say I would take the job if offered when asked in the interview. I said I […]

What If My Dream Employer Calls and I’m Not Ready to Interview?

What If My Dream Employer Calls and I'm Not Ready to Interview?

It’s so exciting when, after applying for a position with a dream company, you see their name flash on your caller ID. It’s the call you’ve been waiting for! Calming your nerves, you answer the phone. The HR rep on the other end of the line says: “Hi, Terry. I’m following up a resume you […]

Don’t Outsource Your Career

Don't Outsource Your Career

Why is it, with something as important as a career, people are so willing to let others manage it? A post by Suzanne Lucas on BNET talked about services that will take your résumé and send it out to pretty much anything that is a remote match — basically taking a spray and pray approach […]

Looking at the Process

Looking at the Process

When writing a resume or prepping a client for a job interview, I am constantly asking my clients about the end results from their work. I hope they don’t grow tired of my probing questions: “What efficiencies were gained?” “How did the company achieve its goals by your activity on X project?” “What were the […]

A Twist on “Why Should We Hire You?”

A Twist on "Why Should We Hire You?"

My posts on adding value to companies, either before job seekers have secured the positions or after they have become employed, continue to be popular with readers. A recent search that led someone to my website was related to this interview question: “What value will you add to the company if you are selected for […]

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