07/16/2010 — Your Opinion on #FF

I’ve been doing #FollowFriday on The Job Quest for a few months now, and it’s been a pleasure to feature many fine folks here. But I’ve been wondering if it’s something relevant to you, my wonderful readers. I believe that every person I’ve recommended here is of great value, but is it something that benefits […]

07/09/2010 #FF — The Return of #FF

#FollowFriday on The Job Quest was absent for a couple weeks, but it’s back and ready to talk about some great folks! The people today are also part of my Job Search Advice list on Twitter and have amazing tweets every day that will help you on the job hunt and in career management. Emilie […]

06/18/2010 #FF — A Day Late

Yes, I do realize it’s Saturday and that #FollowFriday was yesterday. My apologies — the week got thrown a bit out of whack from the get-go due to an unexpected emergency with my son (he’s fine now, but it was more than a little nerve-wracking in the midst of it). My crazy week notwithstanding, I […]

06/11/2010 #FF — Personal Branding

The #FollowFriday post today is going to put the spotlight on a couple people who really know what personal branding is and how to do it well. The content they provide is truly top-notch and they really get a person thinking about how they approach their career, their business, even their life. Tom Peters (@tom_peters) […]

06/04/2010 #FF — These Folks Have What You Need

Looking to do a blog as part of your job search or personal branding? In need of some great information to help you as you try to figure out your career path? Look no further than this week’s #FollowFriday honorees! Emily White (@emilyblogfairy) Emily is the person responsible for the great design work on this […]

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