Preparation Is the Key to Mastery of Your Career Story

Preparation Is the Key to Mastery

Tom Peters, the author and speaker who (according to his Twitter bio) has been “labeled the Red Bull of management thinking,” put up a tweet a couple months ago that has stuck with me: Mr. Peters thought is one that connects with a previous post, in which I talked about preparation as “allow[ing] you to […]

Using Your Resume to Earn a Promotion

Can Your Resume Help You Earn a Promotion?

At the beginning of the year, CareerBuilder released data from a survey that indicated that 21% of full-time employees would be looking to get a different job over the course of 2014. For some, this goal could be securing a job promotion after working in their chosen field for a time. If that describes you, […]

Do You Really Want to Spend 12 Years in a Soul-Sucking Career?

This video puts into perspective what the activities of our lives represent in terms of the time they take: I want to focus in on the time that is employment-related: “We’ll be at work… for the equivalent of 3,202 of those days.” Depending on what you do for a living, this may be a conservative […]

Self-Employment and the Job Hunt

Self-Employment and the Job Hunt

A reader writes: “I am looking for a job and since I have [my own] business, I was wondering if I should use that as in reference to ‘Work History’ on my resume. If I put this on my resume, what does it show an employer that is considering me for an interview? Does it […]

Being a Graceful Winner When You Have a Job Hunt Victory

Handling Yourself with Grace When You Have a Job Hunt Victory

We are a house divided when it comes to professional football — my daughter and I are Green Bay Packers fans, while my husband and son are avowed supporters of the Chicago Bears. So there was just a bit of smack talk prior to the Packers-Bears matchup this past Monday night. Even though my husband […]

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