Using Your Resume to Earn a Promotion

Can Your Resume Help You Earn a Promotion?

At the beginning of the year, CareerBuilder released data from a survey that indicated that 21% of full-time employees would be looking to get a different job over the course of 2014. For some, this goal could be securing a job promotion after working in their chosen field for a time. If that describes you, […]

Do You Really Want to Spend 12 Years in a Soul-Sucking Career?

This video puts into perspective what the activities of our lives represent in terms of the time they take: I want to focus in on the time that is employment-related: “We’ll be at work… for the equivalent of 3,202 of those days.” Depending on what you do for a living, this may be a conservative […]

Self-Employment and the Job Hunt

Self-Employment and the Job Hunt

A reader writes: “I am looking for a job and since I have [my own] business, I was wondering if I should use that as in reference to ‘Work History’ on my resume. If I put this on my resume, what does it show an employer that is considering me for an interview? Does it […]

Being a Graceful Winner When You Have a Job Hunt Victory

Handling Yourself with Grace When You Have a Job Hunt Victory

We are a house divided when it comes to professional football — my daughter and I are Green Bay Packers fans, while my husband and son are avowed supporters of the Chicago Bears. So there was just a bit of smack talk prior to the Packers-Bears matchup this past Monday night. Even though my husband […]

Fake LinkedIn Invitations: An Update

Fake LinkedIn Invitations: An Update

Those scammers who are trying to sucker you with fake LinkedIn invitations are getting craftier (maybe it’s because they’ve read the original post I wrote last spring calling them out). Here’s an image of one of the new fake LinkedIn invitations that showed up in my inbox over the past week: And here is what […]

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