Authenticity and Success

Authenticity and Success

Regarding personal branding success, a lot has been said about authenticity — and for good reason. Getting wrapped up in a façade can be very tiring, and can lead to a complete collapse when it becomes impossible to sustain it.

I had the honor of being interviewed by Media Shower about The Job Quest and its success. One statement I made struck me as I read the post:

“Helping people is an integral part of my personality.”

And it really is. At the core of who I am is someone who wants to make the lives of others better. It’s no wonder that some of the most gratifying experiences of my life — including being a career consultant — have involved helping folks out.

What about you? How authentic are you being in your career? Where has it led you?

Melissa Cooley of The Job Quest, LLC unearths clients’ career examples to showcase the talents and results that make them must-hire candidates. Click here for more information on ways to partner with Melissa for your career success!

Melissa is a contributor to the book Nourish Your Career, has been quoted on, The Daily Muse, and, has interviewed numerous times for The Voice of Job Seekers podcast, and has written guest posts for multiple job seeker blogs.

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