I Heart Hate Valentine’s Day

I <del>Heart</del> Hate Valentine's DayValentine’s Day is less than a month away!

Depending on your circumstances, the above statement either put a smile on your face or made you groan inwardly.

Vickie, a friend of mine, posted earlier this month on LinkedIn to ask for opinions about an article on salary.com regarding how to handle the celebration of this holiday at the office. The bottom line suggestion from the article: save the big celebrating for after hours.

I have to say I agree with this advice. I remember several years in early adulthood when I was single on February 14. While I was happy for my friends who were in relationships, it sucked to not be in one. I really didn’t need an office party to throw that day in my face even more, and I was grateful to not have to endure that.

In thinking about alternatives to having a gushy lovefest at the office or holding something that devolves into a popularity contest, my suggestion to Vickie was to have a contest after Valentine’s Day to see who scored the best post-holiday deal, got the tackiest holiday-themed decorations, etc. With February 14th falling on a Saturday, they could have this party on the following Monday. There could be lots of great desserts and laughs with no hard feelings.

After getting Vickie’s permission to use our conversation in this blog post, she shared with me a great idea she had:

“We decided to change it to a superhero party. Instead of doing a Secret Valentine, we’re going to give 3 clues for people to find the secret identity of their Superfriend… We still wanted to promote friendship within the team, so this works. And, there’s a TON of superhero free printables available on Pinterest that we can use! I love this stuff.”

What a fabulous idea! Valentine’s Day is definitely about the love of friends, not just romantic love. Given that workplaces are increasingly promoting teamwork and camaraderie among coworkers, this is an excellent way to celebrate the season.

How does your office choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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