How to Make for an Uncomfortable Office Holiday Party

How to Make for an Uncomfortable Office Holiday Party

Ah, yes. We are fully embroiled in the holiday season, and with that comes holiday parties. Even though Christmas is less than a week away, office holiday parties often extend into January.

With that, I thought I would offer these bits of wisdom on what NOT to do at your next office party — unless, of course, leaving folks unsettled is your goal.

1. Ask everyone with a protruding belly, “When’s the baby due?”

Doesn’t matter if they are old enough to be your mother. Or grandmother. Or a guy.

Or maybe just don’t…

2. Passionately kiss your co-worker’s significant other.

3. Have a heated debate about politics.

4. Talk about work All. Night. Long.

Work occupies enough of your life. Do you really have to bring it to the party, too?

5. Bring your kids.

No, this is not “Breakfast with Santa.”

6. Show graphic pictures of you gutting a deer from last hunting season.

I mean, my husband is a hunter, so I’ve seen it all live and in person. But at a holiday party? Ew.

How to Make for an Uncomfortable Office Holiday Party7. Wear gigantic spider slippers to the party.

Scaring people may be hilariously funny, but it loses its appeal with your victims after the first few screams.

You also run the risk of having your feet stomped on repeatedly and/or smashed with a thick pipe.

8. Tell your sob story about how your significant other dumped you just before the party.

Or how they dumped you three months ago. Or two years ago.

9. Verbally castigate your former significant other to anyone unfortunate enough to become caught in your vortex.

10. Verbally castigate your significant other while s/he is SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO YOU.

While some of you may get a good chuckle from this list, others of you may be reliving the horror of holiday parties past (I know I still have periodic flashbacks from witnessing or being on the receiving end of some of these during holiday parties from many years ago. *shudder*)

Without naming names, what other activities have you witnessed that made for an uncomfortable office holiday party?

Holiday party image courtesy of dennis crowley

Spider slippers image from Hercules Radio Co.’s Facebook page

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