What If I Interview and Decide I Don’t Want the Job?

What If I Interview and Decide I Don't Want the Job?A reader writes in: “I interviewed for a job and they are checking references. I have decided that I am not really into the job after considering everything. How do I politely decline if I am asked? I didn’t say I would take the job if offered when asked in the interview. I said I was interested but would need to think.”

Taking time to think over a job offer when it is presented to a candidate is standard. You don’t want to rush into it before considering as many of the factors as possible. When you get a call for a job offer, asking for 48 hours to think it over is fine and actually demonstrates a skill that they will hope you bring with you on the job — the skill of discernment.

But what if an offer of employment hasn’t been made yet?

If you know 100% that you do not want the job, the best thing you can do is to take yourself out of consideration now. Let your contact at the company know that you are no longer interested in the opportunity and wish them well in finding a good candidate. You don’t need to go into specific detail as to why you aren’t interested — your reasons are private.

In the long run, alerting them when you know you are not interested makes it more likely for you to be considered in the future should you apply to them again. It saves them time and money because they haven’t completed the vetting process yet. And you are less likely to burn a bridge with them because you didn’t unnecessarily drag things out.

But, if you aren’t 100% sure which way to go, take the time to analyze your choices. Think about all the pros and cons of both jobs to really determine which is the better choice. And then just go with it. Once you make a decision, move forward because second guessing yourself or having regret will only drive you crazy.

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