A Manager’s Support Network

On a three-part interview with social media expert Phil Gerbyshak from several years back, there was an interesting question posted at the end of it: “Are you properly nurturing your supporting relationships? What have you done lately to nurture your support network?”

In that case, they were referring to personal support networks. But my thoughts turned to support networks at work, and I was reminded of a story that my husband told me:

Some background: during the Recession, the company he worked for at the time was laying off people. The announcements had been made that these layoffs would affect front-line employees. Despite the fact that, for many of them, their last day was approaching, my husband’s team continued to give 100%. They met production goals and quality was good. They were very professional.

“There was one last meeting called of the floor employees. I didn’t have to go to this meeting because it wasn’t for production supervisors, but I chose to be with my team. After the meeting was over, I shook hands with each of them, thanked them for their hard work, and wished them well.”

The reason why my husband was with his team at the end was the same reason they had never let him down – because of the support network. They supported him, and he supported them. He nurtured that support network with his team on a continual basis, and even when the chips were down, they were there to give that support back.

The support network that a manager builds with his/her employees is critical in the workplace, and the evidence of it is especially apparent when times are tough.

What kind of support do you give your employees? What kind of support do you get back?

Melissa Cooley, career coach and certified résumé writer of The Job Quest, LLC unearths her clients’ career examples to showcase the talents and results that make them must-hire candidates. Click here for more information on ways to partner with Melissa for your career success!

Melissa is a contributor to the book Nourish Your Career, has been quoted on Monster.com, and has written guest posts for numerous job seeker blogs, such as Undercover Recruiter, JobMob, and myFootpath.

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