Envisioning Success Through Guided Imagery

Envisioning Success Through Guided ImageryWhile I was at the summit hosted by Career Directors International last month, one of my clients emailed me that she had received a call and would be doing a face-to-face interview the following Wednesday. Would I have time to meet with her to help her prepare? Of course, I assured her, we could meet. Little did I know that I would receive powerful information that would help my client ace the interview.

The speaker at the final session of the summit was Dr. Lynn Joseph, creator of the Job-Loss Recovery Program. She spoke about the role that visualization and guided imagery can play in leading job seekers to success in their quests to land a new job or gain a promotion.

Dr. Joseph made an interesting point in her presentation:

“Affirmations can work, but it’s engagement of the five senses in the subconscious [that is most effective].”

I like that a lot. By getting all of your senses involved in your success, by bringing the message of success down to your subconscious level, you are more fully participating in this story. You aren’t just trying to convince yourself that you can do it; you are feeling your success with every fiber of your being. That is certainly inspirational!

Upon my return, I met with my client. We went through some questions that were likely to come up in her interview and did some role playing. Then I asked her if she was game to go through a guided imagery exercise. Using a resource provided by Dr. Joseph, I walked my client through a mental rehearsal of her job interview.

The next day, my client called me to let me know how the interview went. She was excited because it had gone very smoothly. After telling me the various details, she then shared, “One thing I did to help prepare as I drove to the interview was to think about what we did yesterday. I remembered how I felt calm and confident, and that helped me bring those feelings to my interview.” Rehearsing the interview as we did allowed my client to draw from it and be successful when she was really in her interview.

The best was yet to come — two days later, she received an offer, and today is her first day at her new position! I can’t be more thrilled for my client, and it is amazing to see how the guided imagery helped her realize success.

Image courtesy of A Delicate Mind

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