The Power of Love

My husband and I on our wedding day

With the recent postings various friends on Facebook have made about their wedding anniversaries, it’s had me reflecting on my own anniversary that is coming toward the end of the year. There have been many ups and downs in the nearly 13 years that I’ve been married to my beloved husband, and one thing that has seen us through is love.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m not saying it’s been easy. Particularly during the valleys that we’ve both experienced in our careers, the love has been stressed significantly by flaring tempers and the tendency to pull away. But it was during those times that love was more necessary than ever! And love was an important factor that got us through the darkest days.

Our faith has certainly been central to our lives and has fortified our love. And there’s the steadfast commitment that we made to one another as we exchanged our vows: “For better or for worse… for richer or for poorer…”

But there’s also the fact that we have not taken our love for granted and have nurtured it in the good times. Some of it has been obvious:

  • the kiss on the cheek my husband gives me every early morning as I sleep (or pretend to),
  • the notes that we write to each other that are always signed, “I love you” (even if it’s just a reminder to pick up some milk from the store),
  • the importance that we, as a family, have placed on love (the kids have been a part of it from little on, too — I remember my very verbal daughter saying, “I you!” in her sweet little voice and my son in his pre-speaking days raising his arm in his approximation of the sign language for “I love you.”)

Other displays of love have been much-appreciated gestures:

  • doing someone else’s chores,
  • making a favorite meal,
  • asking, “How can I help?”

No matter where you are in your career — if you’ve been laid off, if you are in a job that is a bad fit, if you are back to work but still feeling the negative emotions from your layoff, or if you are feeling secure in your position — take the time to strengthen the love with those around you. When the chips are down, these are the folks you will need to be your biggest support.

Does this article resonate with you? Let’s work together for you and your career!

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