Don’t Keep Your Amazingness a Secret!

Yesterday was my daughter‘s spring concert at her school. I looked at the program, and on tap for the preschool and kindergarten segment was “Six Little Ducks” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” I immediately made assumptions about what that would entail — the typical children’s songs and actions to accompany them.

“Six Little Ducks” was everything I thought it would be. The little kids were singing and wibble-wobbling through the song — it was cute, but I wasn’t blown away because I knew what to expect.

For “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” this is the version of the song they performed to:

Their performance was complete with sunglasses, bandanas, and plenty of attitude. They brought the house down.

Of course, as parents we are going sit through our children’s performances, even if we think we will know what is to come. But what about if you, as a job seeker, present yourself in the same way in your résumé and cover letter?




Is that any way to garner an audience for your performance (i.e. get called for an interview)?

Definitely not. When a hiring manager has a stack of résumés to review, ones that look like the same old song and dance won’t make the cut. But candidates who show the value they have brought to their work will demonstrate a reason for being brought in.

Here are some examples of value-added accomplishments that have been a part of the résumés I have written for clients:

  • Eliminated need to hire an additional full-time employee by developing a system to electronically transmit claim information to reinsurance carriers.
  • Created and implemented initiative that reduced a production process from four steps to two steps, and eliminated 80% of scrap from the process.
  • Decreased down time related to program issues from six half-days per year to five minutes every three months.

In each one of the above accomplishments, it’s clear that the candidates used their knowledge and skills to bring amazing value to their positions. But if those achievements hadn’t been included on the résumés, how would the hiring managers have known about the person’s talent and the potential they could bring to their companies?

Don’t let your résumé look ordinary, thinking “I’ll wow them in the interview with my talent.” Doing so basically guarantees you will never get the chance to get that far.

Does this article resonate with you? Imagine what could happen if I was working for you and your career!

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