Top Eight Activities to Do at Your Next Networking Event

Subway car coming up from underground - April Fools joke

8. Wear a t-shirt, jeans with holes, and flip-flops. You don’t want to seem like a stuffed shirt.

7. Make it all about you to every person you meet. You need to be sure that folks know how they can help you.

6. Do stupid human tricks. It shows your creativity.

5. Talk about controversial issues to be memorable. And if you take a really un-PC stance, you’ll be sure to be the topic of conversation at the event.

4. Use colorful language to demonstrate your @#$%!& passion!

3. Try to meet everyone at the event. Spend just enough time with each person to exchange business cards and tell them what you need.

2. Make bodily noises with your armpit. (People love to laugh!)

1. Stalk those key contacts you’ve been dying to meet. When they take a break to go to the bathroom, follow them and take the opportunity to have a conversation with them about what you need them to do to help you.

(Note: if you really think these are the keys to networking success, check the calendar. Then come back and read some of my other posts on networking.) 🙂

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