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The three wise monkeys: "See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil"

In the course of the reading I do to keep current on trends, as well as find great information to retweet and post on Facebook, there are some amazing pieces that really make me say, “Wow!” They are so well-written and have so many applicable life lessons that I sit back and ponder how I can apply the nuggets of wisdom to many different aspects of my own life.

Here’s a few fabulous posts that were off the charts in their insight:

“The Keys to Finding Work+Life Fit” from Psychology Today: “When your goal is work-life “balance,” it causes more problems than it solves… Plus, have you ever noticed that when the term ‘work-life balance’  is written out, there’s either a ‘-‘ or a ‘/’ between work and life? The truth is that work and life are one and the same today. Not separate.”

The Age of the Disruptive Thinker!: A disruptive thinker is “that bold individual who had the guts to challenge the status quo. This is the one who knew in their heart that there had to be a better way.” It can be a hard road to hoe, but being a disruptive thinker can pay long-term dividends!

The 5 Worthy Intangibles of Engagement: “Social Media isn’t at all about the numbers and is a lot more about engagement.” Whether you are running a business or being an active participant in your career management, if you value the size of your network more than the meaningful connections you make, you’re going to lose out.

4 Indicators of an Unhealthy Ego: “ ‘The most expensive thing you will ever own is your ego.’ …One of the biggest hurdles to working with others is ego. Small things that could have been remedied with a little humility and perspective cost them everything.” No doubt, we can be our own worst enemy, at times.

Innovators: You Will Feel Terror: “You have to anticipate and embrace the inevitable sensation of fear, like, you will feel fear for sure. And you will feel risk… I don’t think it ever goes away. The only thing I think happens is that you get used to the sensation… I think a lot of people just balk at that sensation and I think you’ve got to push through it.”

What have you read/heard that just blew you away with how profound it was? Please share in the comments!

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