Not a New Year’s Resolution — a New Life Resolution!

A great post by career/business consultant and certified life coach Phyllis Mufson said that people usually keep their New Year’s resolutions for only 12 days. Wow — 12 days!

That’s… really sad. I mean, what’s the point of pinning all our hopes for change on something we’re only going to stick with it for less than two weeks?

As I thought about that statistic, I considered writing a post about the silliness of making New Year’s resolutions. But then, I saw that Rob Poindexter of Career Trend beat me to the punch. His post is excellent, so go ahead and read it right now.  I’ll be waiting for you to come back 🙂

This quote from Rob’s post sums up my feelings on the matter:

Have hopes. Have dreams. Have aspirations to be a better you. Just don’t wait until January the first to start working towards them. Especially if it’s only July.

It is so easy to say, “I’ll start doing this on January 1st” or “I will begin a new plan on Sunday/Monday.” What does the day/date/time have to do with making changes to get you closer to your career goals?


Whether you are reading this late on December 31st or on January 1st, you shouldn’t use this date as the reason to start doing the things you need to do start heading in that different direction with your career. Do it because you are done with just thinking about change and planning for it. You’re ready to take action that put you on your desired path:

Do whatever has been rattling around in your brain to get you on track for the career you want. Make it real. And make these efforts that you put forth last more than just 12 days, or even only 12 months.

This isn’t a flimsy New Year’s resolution. It’s a NEW LIFE resolution. Commit to it, and keep driving yourself closer and closer to your career goal day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.

What does your new life look like?

Does your job search feel like it’s stuck in neutral? Hit a road block with your career? Ask a question, and it may be featured in a future post on The Job Quest!

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