Should You Make Concessions?

My husband and his beloved Bears hat

The NFL season has kicked off for 2010, and ours is a house divided. My daughter and I are ardent Green Bay Packers fans, while my husband and son are die-hard Chicago Bears fans (which, in Wisconsin, is a sacrilege. Packers football is practically an institution here!)

I teasingly say that I’ve had to “make concessions” because my beloved is a Bears fans (though people do wonder why he is not a Packers fan since he was born and raised here. I constantly have to explain this crazy decision of his to people…)

Making concessions is all fine and good when you are talking something small stakes, like a favorite football team. But what about a job?

If you are in an interview, and the HR rep or hiring manager says something that goes directly against your philosophies for workplace ethics, what would you do? Would you still try to get a job there, despite knowing about that difference, or would you walk away from it? Would other factors — like having to relocate in six months or not getting to work with the latest technology — be a problem for you?

Entering into a job search being willing to accept anything has a much higher chance of leading to a poor job fit, but the other spectrum of having extremely high standards is going to leave few (if any) jobs available to even apply for.

Only you know your unique circumstances that come into play when deciding what could or could not work for you. Be sure to take the time early in your job search to analyze what issues matter, why they matter, and where the wiggle room is. It’s basically impossible to have every single one of your needs met, so figure out what is worth making a concession on, and what you need to hold the hard line on.

If you try to do this on the fly, you may find yourself either compromising your position on everything or being too rigid with issues that may not matter quite so much.

And check back on your list once in a while. As time goes on, your thoughts may change, so you want to be sure that the criteria you are using to evaluate potential jobs are relevant to where you are at that particular moment.


I have been seen out and about on the Web recently. Here’s a few places I’ve been at lately:

  • The Job Quest has been named one of the Top Job Hunting Blogs by! That was a really cool honor to receive 🙂
  • A couple weeks ago, City Sylvester interviewed me for his awesome blog! So if you want to find out some interesting things about me (like what completely terrifies me) and a few pieces of advice, check it out. While you’re there, take a look around — he’s got some great posts on personal branding that are good to apply to a job search.
  • I wrote a guest post for Jacob Share on JobMob about dealing with people who keep sending you job listings that miss the mark. It is part of a contest he’s running, so I’d be grateful if you could click on the above link, comment, and share it on Twitter, Facebook, and wherever else you think it will be found by people who could benefit from the message. Thanks — you all are awesome!

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