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Well, it was something that I figured should happen at some point, and Heather Coleman of the Ferndale Career Center (FCC) got me off my rear gave me the project I needed to get on YouTube.

She had sent a message to a number of us earlier in the week asking for videos to support Detroit area job seekers during today’s Self-Enhancement Day at FCC. Given that I don’t have a video camera, I thought, ‘Ah, there will be lots of people who want to do it. She doesn’t need me.’ Well, she messaged some of us again on Wednesday, asking sweetly if we would please consider doing something.

After writing up something and then spending a little time learning about a nifty free tool called Screenr, I created an audio recording of something I had been thinking about writing as a blog post. It’s entitled, “Taking the Lead in Your Job Search.” It’s with great nervousness that I share it with you all…

(Here’s a PDF of the audio if you would rather read it!)

So there you have it. My first attempt on YouTube. I know it’s far from pretty, but I also know that I can be my worst critic. So I am leaving it up to you all to give me some much-needed feedback on what works and what doesn’t. You can either leave comments on this post, anonymously register your opinion on the poll to the right that I’ve set up, or you can email me at melissa at melissacooley dot com. I only ask that you be gentle 🙂

Thanks, and I look forward to continuing the conversations!

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