Job Seeking Tips from a PR Pro

From time to time, I read a blog called PR Pro Tips, and it dawned on me that many of these suggestions have great applications to the job search.

For example, I love Tip #148: Your Jedi mind tricks will not work on me. Rafe says, “Don’t try to get me to agree with you about how awesome you think your product is… Forcing the issue is likely to have the opposite effect of the one desired.” The exact same principle needs to be applied when interviewing — pushing too hard will make your interviewers feel bullied by you. Instead, relax and show them your awesomeness through stories that bring your great attributes to life. Help them realize what your talents would mean to their organization.

Another tip: No dead rodents, please. (Go ahead — read the post. It really is funny!) This one reminded me of the guerrilla job search strategies that we hear about. Now, I’m not knocking guerrilla job search tactics; they have their place and can be very effective. But, a candidate who uses them walks a fine line. If not done properly, they could be a turn-off and cost the person a shot at interviewing.

And there’s Tip #145: Familiars. The takeaway from this point is to always do your homework by researching the company and key people in it to make sure you speak intelligently about who they are, what they do, and what they know. To not do so leaves you open to writing/saying something that indicates your lack of knowledge about them. No, you are not expected to know every minute detail, but there’s no reason why you can’t take the time to learn the basic information.

What unique resources have you found that have helped you in your job hunt?

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